VICKTEERUT, founded in 2007, a clothing line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow. However, the brand philosophy is classical modern where the simplicity mixes with style. VICKTEERUT believes that this unique blend will stay forever.

VICKTEERUT is known for its best quality of tailoring, and edgy style. No doubt VICKTEERUT is an A-Lister’s favorite. In every collection, Pang Aurapraphan, the Brand Director, keeps his individuality signature of minimalism, but never fails to combine them with new inspirations she found for each season. and over 10 years experiences as a stylist, Pang has been known for being versatile and highly imaginative.

VICKTEERUT customers’ aspirations into inspirational apparels that are classy, innovative, wearable, and relevant for every purpose they were intended for.

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